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About Homesaver

Homesaver was set up by finance expert John Coleman. His vision is to provide a trustworthy advisory service designed to reduce regular outgoings like utilities, insurance and taxation.

John Coleman is an experienced expert in Personal Finance for 28 - 35 year old couples living in Dublin. He is a qualified financial advisor with a degree in business studies from DCU, with over 12 years industry experience. He established 'Homesaver' to bring a new standard of service to personal finance, from helping young couples to get their mortgage, to making sure they run their home in the most cost effective way - Homesaver brings people month by month peace of mind that their domestic bills are the absolute minimum they can be.

Inclusive in the process is assurance that the necessary protections are in place to cater for unexpected events in life, such as death or illness, and to plan for anticipated future needs like children’s education and retirement. The goal of Homesaver is to help household owners improve their lifestyle while reducing what they pay for it. John has been featured in the Irish Times, with an enthusiastic endorsement from Conor Pope. He has recently added accounting firm Grant Thornton to his team of experts, to help those who may need guidance concerning the recent legislation on Personal Insolvency.

We only provide consultants who are:

  • Highly qualified and experienced.
  • Known for their integrity and approach.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

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